Green Did you know a TV, running 5 hrs a day, only uses $21.09 of electricity a year?
Video Gary Shapiro discusses the impact of government policies on the economy.
CEA Get the big picture with CEA's digital imaging benchmark
  • Road Warrior Gift Guide

    Taking a Vacation? Our Road Warrior Guide has the latest tech accessories to make the most of your trip, in the car, on the plane or at the beach. Read more

  • How Companies like Uber and Yelp are Building a New Sharing Economy

    From car rides to 3D printing, see how some of our innovative CEA members have been at the forefront of the sharing economy movement. Read more

  • 2015 U.S. Tech Industry Outlook

    Check out the newest numbers from CEA’s U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecasts semi-annual industry report. Read more

  • CES 2015 By the Numbers

    As we start planning for #CES2016, take a look back at the record-breaking 2015 show. Read more

  • CEA Connections Guide

    Check out this series of short videos to walk you through how to connect a gaming system, streaming device, digital antenna or DVD or Blu-ray player to your television. Read more

  • Save the Date for the 2016 CES Asia

    Find out what you missed at the 2015 CES Asia and start planning for the 2016 event, May 11-13 in Shanghai. Read more

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