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Our Employee Benefits Enrich Your Lifestyle

Regular, full-time employees have access to many valuable benefits. We are proud of our benefit plans and believe they provide a substantial measure of security, protection and flexibility for our staff and their family, both now and in the future. The following are snapshots of some of the benefits we provide for full-time employees. Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions about this information or would like a full list of benefits CEA has to offer.

Medical Care  and Prescription Benefit Plan
We offer our employees the flexibility, great coverage, and freedom to choose their doctor through a Open Access Plus Health Insurance Plan. Employees and their families, including domestic partners, have access to a large, quality network and generous in-network coverage of 90 percent.  Our plans are bundled and include vision and dental benefits as well as preventive screenings and exams.

Employees who acquire their own medical insurance can receive an annual taxable opt-out payment of up to $2,500 at the end of the plan year.

CEA also offers employees the tax savings benefit of flexible spending account plans for both medical and dependent care.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
Short-term disability income is provided for all regular full-time employees who are unable to work due to injury or illness. Employees are eligible if they are out of work for five consecutive days or more and are covered at 80 percent of their salary, they must use any accured leave in lieu of short-term disability leave. Long-term disability insurance is available at a small cost for the employee and provides an amount equal to 60 percent of your monthly earnings ($12,000/month maximum).

Life Insurance
Employees are covered automatically at two times their annual salary at no cost.  Supplementary life insurance may be obtained at a minimal cost.

401(k) Salary Deferral Plan
Employees may contribute up to the annual IRS maximum (on a pre-tax basis) in the 401(k) plan. CEA matches, dollar-for-dollar, the first six percent employees contribute. This match is 100 percent vested after only one year of employment and employee contributions and rollovers are always 100 percent vested.

Public and Alternative Transportation Benefits
CEA is located just two blocks from the Crystal City metro station, and employees who take public transportation to and from work are eligible to receive up to $130 per month in public transportation fare/vouchers. Additionally, to encourage biking or walking to work, CEA has lockers and shower facilities in our on-site Fitness Center and provides covered, secure areas to keep your bike during the workday. Parking is available for employees who chose to drive and the monthly cost is discounted for CEA employees who carpool.

Broadband Reimbursement
Full-time employees are eligible for 50 percent broadband reimbursement up to $500 a year for their internet broadband access at home.

Flexible Work Arrangements
CEA approaches work hours and time away from the office as a mutual responsibility. As an employer, CEA recognizes that most people juggle delicate life balances. CEA has established some flexibility so that when work or home responsibilities require extra effort, our employees can be where they need to be. Employees may adjust their hours within a range of time or days to suit their needs and those of their work group. CEA encourages employees to telecommute one day per week to assist with lifestyle flexibility and reduce the environmental impact of commuting.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
CEA combines personal days. vacation and sick leave into a central system that accrues PTO. Employees begin accruing leave in their first month with CEA and receive the equivalent of 19 days their first year. The longer an employee's tenure at CEA is the more leave they will accrue. 

We observe 10 paid holidays and offer funeral, jury duty, marriage, military, paternity/maternity, and community service paid leave.

Summer Hours
CEA offers the option of working extra hours Monday through Thursday in return for leaving early on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Employee Health and Wellness Program
CEA values the health and well-being of our employees. We have an onsite exercise facility with locker rooms and showers and offer wellness programs that include on-site boot camp, yoga and strength training -- all free for CEA employees!

Tuition Assistance Program
CEA wants to help employees further their education! Employees are eligible to receive 75 percent reimbursement of expenses, up to $5,250 each year for tuition reimbursement for programs directly related to their current job.

Professional and Career Development
CEA offers professional development training opportunities both internally and at off-site locations. Professional memberships, training courses, and certification programs are offered to employees. This benefit is designed to support continued learning, development and skills enhancement.

Annual Incentive Compensation
Full-time employees are eligible to participate in our Incentive Compensation Program which is paid out based on meeting individual and organizational goals.  The Incentive Compensation is based on a percentage of the employee's base salary.

CEA employees work hard, and play hard. For instance, CEA is happy to sponsor local 5ks and other races. We also enjoy events such as a Holiday Luncheon and an annual picnic for staff and family.

Other benefits include our pre-paid legal services, adoption assistance, identity theft services, credit union membership, employee assistance program, weight watchers, matching charitable contributions, employee referral program, mortgage assistance benefits, casual dress and more!