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DIY Home Automation Solutions

Here are five popular features of high-end home automation systems that you can do yourself with some products from your home improvement or consumer electronics retailer:

Simplify Your Family Room

Would you like to toss out your basket of remote controls for one “smart” remote that not only controls all of your devices, but lets you customize functions and create short cut keys? Many touch screen universal remotes can do just this. And best of all, programming them is as easy as connecting to your PC.

Set the Mood with Lighting Control

Ever wish you could dim the lights for watching TV or movie night right from your TV remote? There are several products that allow you to do just that. Add wireless control to lights by installing one or more wireless modules for individual wall outlets or wall light switches. Using your PC and a compatible remote, you can synchronize your A/V components with specific lighting scenes (such as Movie Mode, Mood Music, or Party Mode). Want to take it a step further? Radio Frequency (RF) or other wireless technology extenders will allow you to control the system from separate rooms. You can easily expand the system to control the lighting throughout your house.

Unleash Your Music

Wireless multi-room music systems have made whole house audio a simple DIY project. These systems stream music from a central source--like the music stored on your PC or on the Internet--to one or more in-room receivers. The receivers deliver music to an amplifier and speakers in each room. Receivers in individual rooms are all networked, giving you whole-house control from a remote control, remote keypad or even your smartphone or tablet PC. These systems are fully customizable--start with a room or two and expand the system as needed.

Create a Basic Home Security A basic home security system is also an easy DIY project. Basic security kits include wireless window and door sensors, a central control hub and a keypad to operate the system. You can customize home security systems in any number of ways: security cameras, motion sensors, smoke sensors, water sensors, glass-breakage detectors. You can add sirens, or telephone modules to call you or the authorities when the system is triggered.

Manage Your Utilities Another simple-but-effective DIY home control solution is a programmable, remote-controlled thermostat. Programmable remotes remember to turn up or down the thermostat while you’re at work or away from home, saving you money. Remote-controlled thermostats give control from anywhere in the house while networked thermostats connect to the Internet to give you full control from anywhere in the world.

Visit or shop online at any number of consumer electronics, home improvement and lighting specialty retailers for these and more DIY home automation solutions.

The above solutions are available from consumer electronics, home improvement and lighting specialty retailers. Of course, there are other, more ambitious whole-house automation options available to you as well. The ultimate in lighting and convenience control, home automation systems grant you access of many of your home's systems from central keypads or even remotely via the Internet. You'll have the ultimate in programming flexibility, convenience and security features, as well as the ability to integrate just about any home automation or entertainment features for a truly custom solution. To learn more about these solutions, contact a Tech Home installer.

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