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Understanding Television Terminology

Consistent with the industry-wide marketing practice of manufacturers and retailers, the CEA Video Division Board defines “LED TVs” to include liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions using light emitting diodes (LED) as a light source.
Ultra High-Definition TV

A display system may be referred to as Ultra High-Definition if it meets the following minimum performance attributes:

Display Resolution—Has at least 8 million active pixels, with at least 3840 horizontally and at least 2160 vertically.

Aspect Ratio—The width to height ratio of the display’s native resolution is at least 16:9.

Processing—Has at least one digital input capable of carrying 3840x2160 resolution video and supports presentation of 3840x2160 resolution video from this input in a 3840x2160 or higher format. A qualifying display may not rely solely on up-scaling high-definition video content for presentation in a 3840x2160 or higher format.

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