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October 15, 2009
Washington, DC

"We join together tonight because we cherish the First Amendment. Let us honor it by recognizing and returning to innovation and creativity as a national strategy, which will ensure our continued greatness. Let us carry the First Amendment not only as a shield against liability, but as a competitive differentiator."

June 16, 2009
Washington, DC

"Not everyone will join the CEA Innovation Movement, nor will everyone support its agenda. There are those who believe that innovation is too disruptive and that the change that innovation brings is too risky. To them I say: innovation is disruptive. But in good times and bad, innovation drives us forward."

March 13, 2009
Reston, VA

"I am proud to lead an industry that is so vital to the success of our nation. I am also proud that our industry cares enough about our nation and our legacy to allow me to stand before you and urge you to loudly question our government. Too few of our voices are heard in Washington. Don't be silent! Now is the time to act. Our grandchildren will never forgive us if we don't."

February 17, 2009
Washington, DC

"For 25 years, the ability to create, manipulate, shift, manage and display content has propelled innovation and new products. It has fueled a renaissance in creativity, expression and amazing economic growth."

January 08, 2009
Las Vegas, NV

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