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Standard Development Procedures


Want to take a closer look into how standards are developed? These resources provide all the information you need.

EP-23-P is the latest procedures document for the operations of the Technology & Standards committees, subcommittees and working groups. CEA was reaccredited by the American National Standards Association (ANSI) under EP-23-N on February 18, 2015.
This chart describes the process by which a standard or bulletin is voted on in a CEA Technology & Standards committee or subcommittee. The process uses EP-23-O above.
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Helpful information on the CEA standards process that is provided as  a guide.
EP-24-C was created to provide style guidelines for CEA standards and bulletins. It is accompanied by a template for new standards and bulletins that is available from CEA Technology & Standards staff.
CEA engages in numerous activities conducted through its committees, sections, divisions, departments and board of directors. These activities are conducted under strict policies designed to promote and stimulate our free enterprise system and to make sure that laws for maintaining and preserving this system are vigorously followed. These guides constitute an important means for accomplishing this purpose and to assure that CEA's legitimate objectives are achieved by lawful means.
This form should be used to submit IP proffers on CEA standards and bulletins. Details regarding CEA's patent policy can be found in section 7.3 of EP-23-N of the CEA Technology & Standards Procedures Manual.

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