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R7 Home Network Committee

CEA-709.1-D (ANSI)
Control Network Protocol Specification

CEA-709.2-A R-2012
Control Network Power Line (PL) Channel Specification

CEA-709.3 R-2015 (ANSI)
Free-Topology Twisted-Pair Channel Specification

CEA-709.4 (ANSI)
Fiber-Optic Channel Specification

Control Networking Protocol Specification Part 5: Implementation-Application-Layer-Guidelines

Control Networking Protocol Specification Part 6: Application Elements

CEA-851.1-A R-2014
IP-Based Digital Telephony for the Versatile Home Network

CEA-851-A (ANSI)
Versatile Home Network

Security Services for the Versatile Home Network

CEA-852.1-A (ANSI)
Enhanced Protocol for Tunneling Component Network Protocols Over Internet Protocol Channels

CEA-852-C (ANSI)
Tunneling Device Area Network Protocols Over Internet Protocol Channels

Device Plug-In Interface to EIA/CEA-709.1 Network Tools

CEA-931-C R-2012 (ANSI)
Remote Control Command Pass-through Standard for Home Networking

Test Procedure for Powerline Carrier Technology

CEA-2005 R-2013 (ANSI)
AV Adapter to Connect Ethernet and 1394 Devices

CEA-2014-B (ANSI)
Web-based Protocol and Framework for Remote User Interface on UPnP� Networks and the Internet (Web4CE)

CEA-2018 (ANSI)
Task Model Description (CE TASK 1.0)

A User Interface for Home Networks Using Web-based Protocols

CEA-2033 (ANSI)
OpenEPG A Specification for Electronic Program Guide Data Interchange

Host and Router Profiles for IPv6

Technical Report
Power Management for A/V Network Capable Devices Technical Paper

Technical Report
Technical Paper on Home Network Wireless Technologies

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