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Digital Answer Man Tour

Digital Answer Man Tour: Educating Consumers and Showcasing Members' CE Products

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Top 40 Markets and More
Every year, CEA's tech expert and Digital Answer Man, Jim Barry visits national and local media outlets including TV stations, radio news broadcasts, network morning shows, specialized programs and daily newspapers to educate consumers on new products and trends in the technology industry. Barry highlights members' products and discusses top tech news in order to raise consumer interest and awareness, position CEA as a leading source of industry information, and drive traffic to retailers.

The CEA National Media Tour, aka the "Digital Answer Man Tour," travels to over 50 media markets each year, where Barry showcases the latest and greatest products from CEA members. He has appeared on CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC, Good Morning America, Fox News and countless local news programs across the nation.

Get Involved
The CEA media tour is ongoing throughout the year and CEA members can add their products to the tour at no charge. To have your new product showcased in the media tour, contact Danielle Cassagnol.