3D Printers: A New Dimension of Innovation

February 18, 2015
Few technologies captivate our imagination like 3D printers. Perhaps it is technology itself, empowering users to create, or perhaps it is the myriad objects that come out of 3D printers that amaze us. Regardless, 3D printing is one of those gaming-changing technologies that is larger than itself. Tool or toy, the potential for 3D printing seems almost as limitless and the items the technology can produce. Where do we see the technology going from here? 3D printers are being developed and deployed for commercial, industrial and even medical applications with amazing results once envisaged only in sci-fi movies. Meanwhile, the market for consumer-grade 3D printers is an area of intense...

Finding Your Show

February 03, 2015
Search, find, discover and watch. It’s a new formula for sorting out the complexity of the video world. Seeing a program “anywhere/anytime/any device” may be easier than ever, but finding a specific show can be complicated. Traditional program listing grids simply cannot handle the array of multi-platform video options available via online streaming, cable or satellite on-demand, electronic sell-through plus conventional linear broadcast and cable delivery. Finding what you want to see can be a challenge. As Pluto.TV, a video content aggregator, observes, &ldquo...

C Space at the 2015 International CES

January 22, 2015
New this year to the International CES® was C Space at ARIA. This area served as a new home to marketing, advertising, content and creative professionals, and an extension of the Brand Matters and Entertainment Matters programs at CES. C Space at ARIA featured tailored conferences, networking events, exhibits and meeting suites along with an array of headline speakers. Many of the speakers discussed the impact that technological innovation is having on today’s business environment as well as how their companies are managing the intersection of media, content, marketing and technology. Throughout three days, attendees packed panel sessions focused on trends and techniques to...

3D Printing Consumer Awareness

January 15, 2015
CEA's recent research study measures consumer awareness about 3D printers. It also has some interesting findings. Did you know household goods, CE accessories and jewelry are at the top of wish lists for items that consumers would like to print?   The study also looks at where consumers look to purchase a 3D printer and what concerns them most about with the technology. Eye on emerging technology—3D Printing, available free to CEA members at research.CE.org has some noteworthy insights into this growing category.   Related: Market Beat: 3D Printers, A New Dimension of Innovation

A Mobile Glass Plutocracy

January 14, 2015
Welcome to 2015, the year everything changes for retailers, manufacturers, and especially, consumers. This year smart, invested change is a must to endure threatening seismic and business realities across distribution, selling, branding, marketing, PR, and most importantly, profitable consumer engagements. In some cases, retailing and manufacturing growth playbooks have become worn and feckless. In many cases, business engines are protracting, morphing and changing to mirror consumer wants, desires, expectations and their socially charged networking lives. Not easily in the brick retail aisles but rather smartly through the pixel...

Excerpt: Digital Destiny

January 09, 2015
For more than ten years, I haven’t just seen individual pieces of plastic introduced at the International CES®; I’ve seen trends develop. I’ve seen the creation of markets. And what I see today is possibly the single most groundbreaking trend since the advent of the microchip: the digitization of the world around us. Digital by itself isn’t news. By my reckoning, we are well into our second “digital decade.” Historians like to use the term “revolution” to describe colossal historical moments like this. The First Industrial Revolution and the Second Industrial Revolution were...

The Future in a World of Digitally Defined Objects

December 16, 2014
Over a decade ago, consumers began to replace analog devices with their digital counterparts. Portable tape players were swapped for CD and MP3 players, tube TVs replaced by digital displays, and mobile phones became smart. It is true that engineers had long used sensor technologies in a host of applications, but these were hidden in everyday objects like airbags and computer hard drives. Until recently, consumers were largely oblivious to the sensing capabilities of their devices. The launch of Apple’s original iPhone and Nintendo’s Wiimote in 2007 exposed consumers to sensing technologies and ignited our...

Black Friday Numbers Increase

December 01, 2014
According to CEA's 2014 Black Friday Report, an estimated 51.2 million American adults (45 percent of all shoppers) bought or planned to buy consumer technology products during the 2014 Thanksgiving shopping weekend. Among the 51.2 million American adults who bought or were planning to buy technology products over the weekend, TVs (37 percent) were the most popular CE device purchased or planned to purchase. Tablets (35 percent), notebook computers (23 percent), videogame consoles (23 percent) and portable wireless speakers (23 percent) were the other most frequently anticipated tech purchases over the 2014 Thanksgiving weekend. “While televisions are always a popular item for...

Technology Spending

November 26, 2014
Consumer confidence toward technology spending surged in November ahead of Black Friday and the peak holiday shopping season, according to the latest data released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®. Consumer sentiment toward the overall economy decreased slightly in November, but remains higher than last year. The CEA Index of Consumer Technology Expectations (ICTE), which measures consumer expectations about technology spending, jumped 7.3 points in November to reach 94.3. The November 2014 index is 1.6 points above that of November 2013. “Strong sentiment toward technology spending this month suggests tech will perform well during the year’s biggest...
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