The Revenue Reality of Fantasy

September 26, 2014
Football season is in full swing, which means we’ll be cheering for our teams on Sundays while constantly sneaking peeks at our fantasy football matchup.Fantasy football is a booming market and, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), its 32 million players spend about $15 billion participating in leagues ($5 billion more than the NFL’s annual revenue). As the industry progresses, technology has helped make life easier for fantasy owners. Technology is the primary way for owners to manage their teams. Mobile platforms from and ESPN have made it easier for users to check on their team on-the-go. This also opens the door for app developers to...

Five Ways to Attract Funding

September 19, 2014
Small businesses that want to raise funds frequently face a chicken-and-egg scenario: How do they secure investment dollars when they often need those same dollars to prove just how successful their business can be? Luckily, even with so many firms vying for a limited share of financiers’ attention and wallets, securing potential patrons doesn’t have to be a difficult process. The following are five tips that firms of every size can use to pique investors’ attention and gain the leverage they need to broker better deals. 1. Build recurring revenue. Businesses that can create reliable income streams (e.g. via subscriptions, licenses and renewable agreements) instantly...

A Developing Divergence

September 18, 2014
U.S. households finally appear to be recovering from the recession. After dipping during the recession, average annual income and average annual expenditures are now above 2008 levels. But beneath a promising surface, average annual income and spending have significant implications for consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers and retailers.We know that average household incomes are not actually even distributions across all households. The top quintile—or top 20 percent—of household incomes represents about 50 percent of total U.S. household income while the bottom quintile is roughly just three percent, and the bottom two quintiles are only 11.5 percent. The difference between...

Cents or Nonsense?

September 05, 2014
We are fortunate to be time traveling through this creative gale of global innovative risk takers shaking up our senses through a multitude of glowing glass pylons in different flavors, sizes and shapes. Our robust electronics business climate—polarized by fresh competitive technology enhancements—fuels the great digital divide, creating nail biting losses for some, while ensuring wealthy success stories for others. Welcome to the world of cents and nonsense where consumers cannot resist another piece of glowing, cloud-connected glass at the right price and place, with the right...

2014 CE Hall of Fame: C.W. Conn

September 03, 2014
(1930-2004) President and Chairman of the Board, Conn’sWhen C.W. Conn took over the reins from his father of their eponymous Texas-based appliance stores, Conn’s had four stores and $4 million in sales volume. Under Conn’s leadership, and despite the growth of national big box competitors, Conn’s grew exponentially; at its peak, the regional chain consisted of more than five dozen stores in five states generating nearly $500 million in annual sales revenue.   The business that became Conn’s was a Beaumont, Texas, plumbing and heating company founded in 1890. Early in the Depression, the business failed and it was taken over by a local bank. It was...

Jack Wayman (1922-2014)

September 02, 2014

Digital Interactivity in Publications

August 28, 2014
By Denny WhiteThe magazine publishing industry has had more innovation and change in the last ten years than in the previous 100 years. Driving this change has been the threat and opportunity offered by the Internet. As more eyeballs and advertising transition to the digital landscape, the traditional magazine print business model has been disrupted. Many magazines with a digital edition use formats that largely replicate a print edition, however, some enhanced digital editions, use the full creative power of the Internet to produce an immersive, personal experience for a reader that is different from print. Last year, the American Society of Business Publication Editors chose the...

RadioShack's New Look

August 13, 2014
RadioShack’s newly remodeled stores just opened in the Washington, D.C. area, starting with the Chinatown location, which is one of 23 new interactive stores in the area. The new look immerses the shopper in an interactive experience and offers new features such as “Fix It Here!” mobile device repair and revamped sections. When I entered the Chinatown RadioShack, the first thing that caught my eye was the bright, white Fix It Here! station in the front corner of the store. RadioShack’s new Fix It Here! mobile device repair service offers same-day, or faster, repairs to customers. This service provided by RadioShack is perfect for a quick drop off during a lunch...

Hoop Dreams - The Future of Basketball is Here

August 05, 2014
While most fitness devices put sensors on the athlete, InfoMotion decided to put one in a basketball. To reap the benefits of the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, players simply need to download a free app, activate the ball on a wireless charging pad and dribble to connect it to a smartphone or tablet. “The primary benefit that we have shown repeatedly is that athletes of any age, when presented with objective, instant and actionable feedback, become engaged in the progress and motivated to try something again,” says Mike Crowley, founder and CEO of InfoMotion Sports Technologies in Dublin, Ohio...
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