Jack Wayman (1922-2014)

September 02, 2014

Digital Interactivity in Publications

August 28, 2014
By Denny WhiteThe magazine publishing industry has had more innovation and change in the last ten years than in the previous 100 years. Driving this change has been the threat and opportunity offered by the Internet. As more eyeballs and advertising transition to the digital landscape, the traditional magazine print business model has been disrupted. Many magazines with a digital edition use formats that largely replicate a print edition, however, some enhanced digital editions, use the full creative power of the Internet to produce an immersive, personal experience for a reader that is different from print. Last year, the American Society of Business Publication Editors chose the...

RadioShack's New Look

August 13, 2014
RadioShack’s newly remodeled stores just opened in the Washington, D.C. area, starting with the Chinatown location, which is one of 23 new interactive stores in the area. The new look immerses the shopper in an interactive experience and offers new features such as “Fix It Here!” mobile device repair and revamped sections. When I entered the Chinatown RadioShack, the first thing that caught my eye was the bright, white Fix It Here! station in the front corner of the store. RadioShack’s new Fix It Here! mobile device repair service offers same-day, or faster, repairs to customers. This service provided by RadioShack is perfect for a quick drop off during a lunch...

Hoop Dreams - The Future of Basketball is Here

August 05, 2014
While most fitness devices put sensors on the athlete, InfoMotion decided to put one in a basketball. To reap the benefits of the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, players simply need to download a free app, activate the ball on a wireless charging pad and dribble to connect it to a smartphone or tablet. “The primary benefit that we have shown repeatedly is that athletes of any age, when presented with objective, instant and actionable feedback, become engaged in the progress and motivated to try something again,” says Mike Crowley, founder and CEO of InfoMotion Sports Technologies in Dublin, Ohio...

7 Things That Worry Me About The Economy

August 04, 2014
After an extremely difficult start to 2014, my economic projections call for marked improvement for the second half of the year. However, here are the things that worry me the most. Economic growth expanded at 3.3 percent during the last six months of 2013. The economy then proceeded to decline by more than one percentage point on a seasonally adjusted annual rate in the first quarter of this year. Many economists dismissed this decline—chalking it up to weather. Certainly weather contributed to the weak start of the year. This past winter was the coldest since 1994 and much of the country was severely impacted. I spent considerable time in the first half of the year...

Sources for New Content

July 30, 2014
Consumers have numerous choices when it comes to video content sources, from cable, satellite and fiber to Internet streaming services and Blu-ray Discs. thanks to smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and Internet-connected HDTVs, viewers also have a wealth of options when it comes to which device they want to view their content on. CEA’s Video Content and Discovery and Purchasing Trends study examines consumers’ motivations and preferences in today’s shifting landscape of video content choices.   Related: Over-The-Top and Keeping the Cord

Over-The-Top and Keeping the Cord

July 29, 2014
Netflix’s hugely popular political drama House of Cards chronicles the schemes of a ruthless politician in his quest for the White House. American consumers have been similarly ruthless in their quest for video content streamed over the Internet. Today, more than two-thirds (68 percent) of consumers watch streamed or downloaded video content. More than one-third of them have watched video from a paid streaming service like Netflix, which has roughly 30 million U.S. subscribers. The success of video streaming services tells the story of how consumers’ quest for video content is changing. However, pay TV services like Comcast, DISH Network or Verizon Fios, remain the most...

New Distribution Avenues

July 28, 2014
When AT&T and DirecTV revealed merger plans just weeks after The Chernin Group and AT&T agreed to collaborate on new program development, a dramatic sense of creative business transition emerged. AT&T’s satellite agenda added scope to the Chernin venture, auguring a game changing approach to the creation and distribution of original digital content in a brand-new entertainment ecosystem. Whatever happens to the AT&T/DirecTV deal on the regulatory and political fronts, Chernin emerges as a creative powerhouse via its half-billion dollar agreement to make and package new shows for AT&T...

Sports and Fitness Trends

July 18, 2014
The old adage for achieving optimal fitness used to be to “eat your Wheaties.” Now, it’s “there’s an app for that.” Today tech gadgets are going the extra mile to enhance the athletic experience. According to a survey by CEA, wearable fitness devices quadrupled last year compared to 2012. Three times as many consumers now own some sort of gadget designed to enhance their health or athletic performance. The survey suggests more than half of these consumers use portable fitness devices for motivation, while 47 percent use them to monitor fitness goals and 46 percent monitor activity levels...
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