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  • The July 2014 edition of the Sales & Forecasts measures the size and growth of nearly 100 individual consumer electronics products and chronicles the underlying trends and market forces steering the industry. Read More

  • This study aims to assess consumer attitudes regarding the value and benefit of apps; understand how apps influence purchase decisions of consumer electronic devices; and understand consumers’ desire for apps and app-enabled devices. Read More

  • Builders continue to explore the promising business opportunities of installed home technologies. More builders offer key technologies and see the value of marketing and promoting installed technolgy to their customers. Read More

  • This annual CEA study explores U.S. household ownership and purchase intent for 34 CE products. Household subscription rates for key CE-oriented services are also included. Read More

  • The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets is being felt across the CE accessories category. This report is a must read for anyone seeking a better understanding consumer retail behavior within the consumer electronics accessories industry. Read More

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